Affiliate Huddle

Brighton Dome | 23 April 2024

Essential networking and learning for the affiliate sector


Alona Malinovska

Charlie Row

Julia Stent


Lavin Punjabi
Affinity Global Inc

Steven Brown

Smita Pillai



9:30 am

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10:40 am –  11:10am

We need to talk about compliance: The intentional and the unintended misuse of promo codes and paid search terms

It’s not fun and it’s not sexy, but it is important.

42% of online businesses fall victim to promo code misuse every year. When publishers misuse a brand’s promo codes – whether intentionally or unintentionally, customer experience deteriorates, brand reputation is damaged, shopping carts are abandoned, and revenue is lost.

And close to 50% of all online sales start on a search engine – but when unauthorised or malicious partners use branded keywords, the problems begin. Compromising the user experience and driving up CPCs, this erodes trust in partners, and creates reputation damage for our industry as a whole.

At a time when marketing budgets are being slashed, making sure your marketing bucks aren’t being wasted is hugely relevant.

This panel will be a discussion about how compliance violations occur, the damage they do to our industry and what can be done about it.

10:50 am –  11:35am on our demo stage
  • Ian Sims – Rightlander
  • Lavin Punjabi – NucleusLinks
  • Steven Brown – Moonpull
  • Nick Jackson – loyalBe
  • Ben Helyar – Digi Reach
  • Jodie Millward – Linkby
  • Jamie White – Brand Partnerships

Hosted by Coady Edmuri from

Sponsored by Affiliate Summit

11:10am – 11:40am

GA4: Unfair Modelling or Concerning Revelation?

Since the launch of GA4, there has been a growing discrepancy of Affiliate sales recorded in the tool versus through network platforms, with some advertisers noting up to a 90% drop in awarded sales to the channel. Is this a result of Google’s new DDA integration, or is it a symptom of something more concerning? Our panel will come together to discuss the impact of GA4’s deployment and it’s effect on the affiliate channel, and how the industry should respond.


11:40am – 12:10pm

Coffee Break & Networking

Tea and coffee available in the expo area


12:10pm – 12:40pm

Real Publishers , Very Real Problems

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the challenges publishers encounter in their diverse operational landscapes. Despite varying business models, some common hurdles are shared. Our expert panel will delve into some key challenges and explore how different businesses navigate them. Gain valuable insights and strategies for overcoming obstacles in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.


12:20 pm –  1:20pm on our demo stage
  • Bryony Smith – Optimise Media UK Ltd
  • Valery Kuznetsov –
  • Mark Andres – Finfare Connect
  • Andy Cooney – Marcode
  • Lauren Ambrose – Snoop
  • Stuart Miles – Squirrel
  • David Mandeno – Revving
  • Joe Gray – gocertify

Hosted by Coady Edmuri from

Sponsored by Affiliate Summit

12:40pm – 1:10pm

Three UK’s leading publishers explain their strategies to navigate the challenges of cookie deprecation and user consent on affiliate revenues

In this moderated session, three publishers discuss their concerns, experiences and strategies to positively navigate the industry-wide cessation of fallback third-party tracking that is the result of Chrome’s Q3 deprecation of third party cookies. This is shining a light on both first-party tracking and the associated implications of user consent on tracking methods now being a hot topic for the whole channel. This is especially true in the UK and Europe where consent is required for a significant proportion of advertisers. The publishers will discuss the issues from their perspective and how they’re working with networks, agencies and advertisers to have a successful 2024 leading into the years ahead too.


1:10pm – 2:40pm

Lunch (not provided)

Ninety minutes to grab food from one of Brighton’s excellent eateries.



Debunking Myths: Why Publishers Need to Rethink Their Affiliate Monetization Strategies

It’s increasingly clear that the old playbook Affiliate Publishers are operating on is no longer sufficient. As team sizes shrink and advertiser budgets shift, publishers must reassess their affiliate-led monetization strategies. The landscape has significantly evolved, and holding onto outdated beliefs is like trying to win a drag race with a horse and buggy. The panel aims to debunk some fairy tales, such as:

  • The best monetization for each merchant is only possible through its primary affiliate network 
  • Holding on to manual decisions in managing Affiliate links and merchant x network combinations  
  • Lacking competition between networks for highest EPCs  


2:50 pm –  3:40pm on our demo stage
  • Henriette Giesa – Redbrain
  • Hollie MacdonaldDr. Barbara Sturm
  • Nikki SnellPress Loft
  • Lee ElwellGeniuslink
  • Robert GoldsmithInterLnkd
  • Sri Sharma – Increasingly
  • Kevin GroarkeShopthru

Hosted by Coady Edmuri from

Sponsored by Affiliate Summit

3:10pm – 3:40pm

Revolutionizing Affiliate Marketing with AI: Strategies and Success Stories

Explore the transformative impact of AI on affiliate marketing in our engaging panel discussion. Learn from industry experts about AI’s role in optimizing strategies, enhancing personalization, and streamlining operations to drive success in affiliate campaigns. Discover actionable insights and innovative approaches to leveraging technology for competitive advantage in the dynamic affiliate marketing landscape.


3:40pm – 4:10pm

Coffee Break & Networking

Tea and coffee available in the expo area


4:10pm – 4:40pm

Dynamic solutions through the affiliate channel

This panel will showcase the full value of the channel and all of the activities that an advertiser can do within it. It will to delve deep into the experiences of advertisers, technology partners and agencies to really show to the audience that there is so much more out there than just last click. Throughout the panel, we will highlight when you would look to use the solutions, and also shining a light on some of the following:

– The full array of tech partners
– Influencer activity
– Brand partnerships

4:40pm – 5:20pm

The Leaders Panel

A lively and illuminating conversation with some of the affiliate marketing industry’s most distinguished figures. This panel promises an inspiring blend of stories, insights, and forward-thinking ideas, all shared in a light and engaging manner. Hear from the visionaries who are shaping the future of affiliate marketing as they discuss trends, share their experiences, and offer a glimpse into the innovative strategies driving their success. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and entertained by the leaders who are setting the pace in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

5:20 pm

Update from The APMA presented by Kevin Edwards

5:30 pm

Drinks reception at Brighton Dome

7:00 pm

After Party – Revolution Bar

We have private hire of the downstairs Clubroom from 7pm till late. No pre-registration required but you must bring your name badge for entry. The first drink is courtesy of sponsor Fidel API.

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